Live the dream.

The studio offers diverse solutions from big into small. If you are searching for creative solutions, if you have big dreams and aspirations to grow and if you appreciate intelligent design, we can help you achieve your goals.

Bold interiors can provide a range of benefits, from promoting individuality and creativity to increasing energy and impact. They can be a powerful tool for self-expression, inspiration, and innovation.



We design and create valuable,
luxurious, and creative interiors
focusing on the high-impact

The studio introduce innovation and import leading global trends into timeless, versatile, and intelligent spaces combined with the client’s story.

core values


Create innovative, original, and unconventional designs while finding solutions that meet the client’s needs.


focus on achievements and excellence. Leading to successful empowering, motivational spaces.


forward-thinking approach to design that takes into account future trends, opportunities and possibilities.

Customer Reviews

"We hired Keren to work in a contractor's apartment (construction evacuation project) in Ramat Aviv. The circumstances meant that times were tight and there was a lot of work. Keren provided service at the highest level. Despite the tight time, and working with so many parties, we managed to produce and deliver all the plans on time. Keren provides quality service at several levels. At the design level of the apartment planning, and all the components. In transferring plans at the highest level to the contractor and the developer of the operations. Availability and response to requests, changes, thoughts And of course in the supervision of the work being done. Most of all, we enjoyed the calmness and peace of mind that Keren instilled in us in this project. We knew there was someone to trust, Things will happen at the highest professional level. Highly recommend to anyone who is debating 🙂 * Last note, in two years the family plans to renovate another apartment, and we have already made sure at checkout that it will be available for us"
“Keren is lovely, patient and attentive to every request! Apart from all these, Keren is talented and professional, and she knew how to do the work precisely for my needs. Highly recommended!”
From booking reviews: "Very cool place on a cute little side street. Inside, everything is new and spotless. Although the rooms are miniature, they are very ingeniously designed - respect to the interior designer. Considering I came across a sale on Booking, the value for money is sensational. A room equipped with everything you need...."

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